Life Centers provide a hub where community members may seek help, volunteer, and contribute both in-kind and financial donations. Life Center Partners, in Loveland and Berthoud, are non-profit organizations with programs and services for people of all ages in a variety of circumstances:

  • children and youth
  • working families, barely making ends meet
  • homeless-families and individuals
  • single parents and grand families (grandparents raising grandchildren)
  • seniors on fixed incomes
  • disabled

Many of the resource providers work with similar clientele, and often share clients.  Being in the same location, a Life Center helps organizations work more systemically to assist those in crisis and address vital needs.   Not only do we have greater impact, but expenses can be shared, which reduces overhead costs.  This allows donor dollars to go toward client services more effectively and efficiently.

Life Centers can be replicated!  We believe every community would benefit by having one!
Please contact House of Neighborly Service if you are interested in hearing about a partnership.
970-342-2273 or